Things Could Be Worse
Hold On God's Got Something Better
Last week at church the children did a skit reminding us all that things could be so much worse. My grandson came out being pushed in a wheelchair supposedly at the mall. Some girls were complaining that they were so tired of walking.  Hunter from the wheelchair said, "I wish I could walk."   All of us have problems, but usually always can find someone who wishes they were in our shoes instead of theirs.   I remember when I was young hating me some peas and cornbread.  My mother would say, "The kids in China would love to have this to eat."  My sister and I would whisper to one another, "I wish she would mail it to 'em."  As I grew older I did learn to appreciate what I have more and more.  I also am learning as I am now growing older still that if I learn to hold on through tough times God has something so much better waiting for me.
On the day after I saw the skit at church, I was delivering some baskets to the hospital. 
At the hospital, there is construction in progress once again.  One whole parking lot has been demolished so good or bad parking places are few and far between.   As I pull in every time I always ask God, "Ok I'm doing this for you, where's my parking place?"  I think God probably looks down and  wants to say, "I gave you two feet and two legs, USE THEM!!!"  But being human I ask anyway. 
After I made the second loop around on the third row a red SUV's back up light lit up. I smiled and said, "Thank you, God!"
Even though I heard God prompting me to hold on that He had something better, I happily pulled in the parking place three rows down. 
As I climbed, I looked ahead to see how much further.  I made it to the first row of parked cars.  In the first spot on the first row, a lady was getting in her blue Chevrolet.  She smiled and said, "If you had of waited a few minutes you could have had this one, I am leaving."  I smiled.
As I forged ahead I told God, "Next time, I will listen." 
In life, it is very true that no matter what we are experiencing if we look around there is always someone who has things so much worse than we do. We usually don't have to look too far, not to another country or even another town;  most of the time they are right where we are. People we see every day often face difficulties that we never have even imagined.   I personally am prompted to quit complaining and start praising.  Also, I am learning to hold on just a little bit longer.  A miracle is always right around the corner for those who have the faith and believe it will come to pass.  God has a perfect spot picked out for each of us.  We must learn to be obedient servants who hear and know and follow the voice of God.  As we forge ahead may we learn to hold on for the so much better thing that God has waiting for us all.
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27