Do unto others

as you would have them

do unto you.

~ Luke 8:31

The True Trick to Treating
As Christians true "Trick or Treating" is something we don't do.  The darkness associated with October 31st that has grown over the years is something we strive to bring light to.  We shine Christ' light into our communities by having alternative celebrations which leave out the ghoulies and monsters.   We leave off the trickery satan wants to use to infiltrate our lives, but still, try to make the day nice for our children and don't leave off the treats.  The way to a kids' heart is through their sweet tooth I suppose. 
I trick or treated as a child to get candy and didn't see any harm in it.  My parents didn't know, or if they did never told me, that there was anything demonic about the day.  Back then there were no threats of child abductors lurking around the corner, or of anything being in the candy other than lots and lots of sugar.  My favorite treat to get in my bag was a 7 UP candy bar.   The chocolate bars had seven sections with seven different fillings.  The best was the section that contained an almond.  My sister was too old to trick or treat so I would always share my treats with her.  She usually got the almond. She was a good sister and deserved the best treat. 
Most of us think we deserve the best as well don't we? We want the best, but do we want to give up our best?   How we "treat" our sisters, brothers, or even strangers is important every day of the year.   Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the golden rule, the scripture found in Luke 8:31 comes to mind. The easy version of the rule...Treat others as you want them to treat you.   If we expect the best we should want to give our best. 
As children of God we are called first of all to obey Him. His Word teaches of the dangers of the powers of darkness.  He guides us by His Holy Spirit and reveals to us things we should avoid.   Even things we once did that we didn't know were wrong at the time should never be returned to after we gain knowledge.  We are called to turn from sin. We are to walk in the light as He is in the light.
Secondly we are called to follow God's example.  He gave His best, His Son.  We should strive to give God our best always.
We should strive to give others our best also for the true trick of treating is to treat others like we want to be treated.