You can read what is in a package by looking at its' label, but can't truly know what is inside until you take the time to open it and use all your senses to figure out the ingredients.  We look and touch, smell and taste, and even listen to find out what makes things tick that we purchase at Wal Mart, McDonald's, or sometimes even things we find by the trash on the side of the road. 
What about people wearing labels?   Do we simply read labels that have been placed on them by others and never take the time to look inside their hearts to see what they truly contain?  Even people who have been discarded deserve to be seen and heard, touched and loved. 

There are so many we come in contact with day in and day out that we never take the time to look passed their labels. People are so much more valuable than things we buy and take the time to read their labels.  As Christians, we are called to take the time to look past labels to a person's heart.  Each person has a story that is continually being written. We have the power to help change their story sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a big way. 
If people label us as Christians, it is important that they can see we truly are Christ-like when they look inside our hearts.  Be careful if you wear the label "Christian" that you are true to the ingredients which Christ Himself says we are to contain.  We must love as He loved.
By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye have love one to another John 13:35
Below is a poem, a story of labels. As you read ask yourself,  "Is it clear I am a Christian to all I meet?"
The Total Package
The woman rushed inside to buy her food - "Got to hurry times a wastin'-
The cashier is so slow, come on come on hasten, hasten!
Finally, it is my turn to tell her what I need.
Hmm, this girl is not very friendly, downright indifferent indeed.
Does she realize it is my money that her family feeds?
I wonder if she heard me say bread without any seed."
"Ok, ok here I stand at this counter patiently waiting.
Will I even have time to eat now I am debating?
On my tray, she haphazardly places my food.
My goodness, how utterly, utterly rude!"
The woman took the cup that was only half-filled with drink.
She grabbed the tray and thought, "I must tell the cashier what I think!"
"Excuse me, Excuse me, I'm talking to you Miss
I feel I am not receiving proper service, look at this!"
The cashier said, " I am truly sorry for the half-filled cup.
Here you go - now there, it's all filled up.
I am having a really bad day;
That is no excuse, but I must say,
It is hard to work worrying about my little girl.
I love her more than anything in the whole world.
She is very sick and the doctors aren't giving us much hope.
I need this job, but with all this, it is really hard to cope.    
The woman stood there with the filled cup and her hand kind of shakin'.
She said, "I'm so sorry" and knew she had been mistaken,
To have labeled this girl as uncaring and rude.
All the woman had been worried about was getting her food.
Now, what label did this girl place on the woman do you think?
I suppose some picky woman who complained about a half-filled drink.