Too Much Bad Things
Children have a special way of making us smile more so than adults it seems, and some children even more so than others.  There are some that seem to have joy just busting out at the seams.   I met one such child last week at the store where I work.
A beautiful little Mexican girl came to my register and asked where could she get "one of those carts to push around." I went and pulled a grocery cart out for her.  Beaming with joy and giggling she said, "Thank you very much!" and pushed it to where her mother was standing with an armload of groceries.  
In a little while, the mother and the pretty little girl came through my check outline.  I soon figured out the little five-year-old girl who could speak English very well was translating for her mother.  I asked if she had started to school  She asked her mother.  The mother said, "No, no shots."  I asked if they lived nearby and she pointed toward the back of the store.  I told the little girl I had five-year-olds in Sunday School at church and wished they would come to our church.  The little girl once again translated to the mom who replied to this, "No can't go to church, I done too much bad things." With this, she put her change and receipt in her wallet and walked away.  The next person in my long line impatiently waited for me to check his groceries.
I wanted to leave the customers standing to follow the mother out and tell her all about Jesus.  I didn't.
Ever since that night, I have prayed for the pretty little girl and her mother.  I pray she comes back and I have an opportunity to communicate with her in a way to make her understand about my loving, forgiving Jesus.   I want to tell her that there is room at the cross for everyone, no matter what you have done.   I also pray for the church as a whole.  If the church sends out the message that only good perfect people can come, how many people will die and go to hell, never hearing that none are good, no not one; without ever knowing if we admit our sin, turn from it, and believe in Jesus and follow Him we will be saved.
May we each find someone this week who may think they are too bad for church (for Jesus) and tell them the good news.