Just A Pumpkin In A Patch
Once upon a time Momma and Poppa Pumpkin had a baby boy named Pedro born to them in the Fall.  They watched him grow day by day in the patch they called home.    The warm autumn sun shone down on the patch by day and the soft moonlight lit up the patch by night.  
The young family was happy and all was well. 
In the patch not too far from this threesome a whole lot of other pumpkin families lived and grew together in harmony - that is until early one morning. On a pleasant Tuesday Pruda and Purda Pumpkin along with their baby daughter, Precious saw Baby Pedro for the first time.  The brightly colored orange pumpkin family couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Baby Pedro.  Baby Pedro was so different! How could this be? What on earth? A pumpkin the color of Farmer Brown's jacket had sprung up among them.  A blue pumpkin!
Momma and Poppa Pumpkin were so sad as they watched the other pumpkins laugh at Baby Pedro.   Baby  Pedro simply smiled and continued to grow for he knew he was special and his future was bright.  As harvest time approached pumpkin family after pumpkin family were picked and carried away on a big truck. By this time Baby Pedro was no longer a baby. He was the biggest and the bluest pumpkin in the whole patch (the only blue pumpkin in the patch).  Finally, there were no more pumpkins left at all except for Pedro and his mom and dad.  On the first frosty Friday morning of the season Farmer Brown and his wife Betsy came and carefully picked up Pedro along with his parents.  The Browns spoke of a fair they were going to.  Betsy said she was confident they would win the blue ribbon for the blue pumpkin, and also the two huge orange pumpkins which were bound to be the biggest pumpkins in all of Bedford County!
And so it was! The orange pumpkins were prize winners and the blue pumpkin won a blue ribbon, much attention, and went on to the state fair and won worldwide recognition.  So the little blue pumpkin who was laughed at and humiliated because he was different went on to be not just another pumpkin in a patch, but a very special blue pumpkin who left the patch and became all he was meant to be. 
The moral to the story: Smile at naysayers, continue to grow, know you are special, and become all you are meant to be.  You are not just another pumpkin in the patch. 
For you are a holy people, who belong to the LORD your God. Of all the people on earth,
the LORD your God has chosen you to be his own special treasure.
Deuteronomy 7:6 
You will be rewarded someday.
See, I am coming soon, and my reward is with me, to repay all according to their deeds.
Revelations 22:12

*Rare blue pumpkins are often referred to as Australian Blue Pumpkins. More closely resembling a Turban squash than a true pumpkin, they are larger  than orange pumpkins with a bluish grey color. If you display one of these in your Fall display, it will surely be noticed.  PumpkinNook.com