Where were you three years ago today?  What were you doing? What were you wearing? What were you thinking of?  What were you praying for? Most days most of us can't answer such questions.  I know I certainly can't.  However, sadly today I do remember.  Why is it we always remember details about bad days, but sometimes forget details about good ones? My mother passed away three years ago today.  I remember every detail of that day. 
My mother was a writer and it seems she remembered a lot of details of good days, not just bad ones.   Her poetry speaks of childhood days on the school bus with playmates; of memories of her children and grandchildren growing up, of workdays at a restaurant, and of her thirty-seven years of marriage. 
There is a poem I found today that doesn't say it is autobiographical, but I kind of think that it is.  It speaks of the day a young woman first met Jesus despite the fact she didn't seem to fit in.
No Worries
In church she sat on the very back pew.
Her dress was faded, her shoes far from new.
She had never ever been in church before.
Some people stared at the clothes that she wore.
A red songbook she held tightly in her hand,
Some of the words she just didn't understand.
No, she didn't know the words to the song,
But she smiled and quietly hummed along.
As she heard so many voices blend together in song,
She got the feeling in this place nothing could go wrong.
Her heart seemed light, her cares were few.
There was peace and calm that seemed so new.
She heard an invitation extended to "ALL"
She felt as if she should answer the call.
She boldly went foward holding her head high as never before;
Without a single worry of the clothes that she wore.
She now felt worthy and rich in such a special way;
For you see she accepted Christ as her Savior that day.
By Christine Elizabeth Hanson
I hope this isn't a true story as far as those who looked down on someone in church as not "fitting in."  But it is nice to think this young woman found Christ despite those who attempted to make her feel less than who she was.   Jesus is the mender, the fixer of everything.  His invitation is to ALL, not some. He makes all feel rich and loved and welcome. 
Today remember the day you first found Jesus. As you remember the peace and joy of that GREAT day may the memories of bad days in your life fade away. You are worthy of His love.  You are rich in such a special way through Christ.