Never Before

Snow came to the South. Here in Tupelo, things kind of stood still Sunday night as we all dropped everything to sit and watch snow not just falling, but actually sticking where it fell. The reports said we could get up to eight inches before all was said and done. Many did believe and rushed to the stores to buy food and supplies. Even those who didn't believe still bought a little something, something just in case.  For fear, the snow wouldn't last, (even though we had been told it would) many got out and went snow sledding, and snowball fighting at midnight Sunday. My family was in that esteemed group.

The snow came and remained through Monday, and now even into Tuesday, which is a miracle.  There is an old saying that I've heard that says if a snow remains on the ground for three days another one will come bigger than the first. Look out now! I don't know if we could handle that much fun here in the South. On Monday school was closed; many things were closed, few things open really. Old and young became kids and played in the snow all day.  Facebook was absolutely covered with faces of snowmen, snowwomen, and snow creatures beautifully crafted by all those snow-loving kids of all ages. 

On the local news, pictures were also displayed of beautiful snow scenes and smiling faces of those who had finally got to see a big snow that they had before only dreamed of. People were interviewed who were outside playing. One little girl about ten or so said, "I am going to stay out here as long as I can. I have never before, never ever, seen snow like this in my whole life!"

I remembered snows I had seen in my lifetime. There was a pretty one back in 88 I remember and also none is 63 that I barely remember. I mostly remember it because of black and white pictures my mother took of us out playing in it. I remember the one is 88 because I have pictures of my children playing in the snow.  I guess the moral to the story should be, "Take a picture, it lasts longer."

We do tend to forget pretty easily, even events that seem unforgettable when we are experiencing them.  This is true not just of snows God gives to us, but of all kinds of miracles we allow to slip our memories.  We should remember God first always and the mighty things He does for us every single day.  He is the giver of life. Without God-given life, there would be nothing.

Today as I think of this event, the main thing I remember is the little girl on the news who said, "never before in my lifetime, never ever."  She realized the significance of the snow, which could very well be a once in a lifetime event for her; that is unless of course, the old saying is true about snow coming again if it remains on the ground for three days.  

As adults, we need to sit up and take notice of many things that are happening all around us. We need to appreciate every God-given day, every drop of rain, a flake of snow, or ray of sunshine.  Life is short; and I do believe we are entering into a new era, which is the Word God has given to my pastor. 

Just as the snow was something many had never ever experienced before, so will be the coming years.  God is going to pour out blessings and bounty and beauty on all of us who love and serve Him. Things we have only dreamed of will come to pass. We must believe and be prepared for monumental events.

Get your cameras out, there may be a lot of things you will want to take pictures of that will happen in your lives. Since this is going to be an extended era, not a short-lived season, all these blessings that are coming upon us will come and remain like never before.