Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy;

break up your fallow ground:

for it is time to seek the LORD,

till he come and rain righteousness upon you.

Hosea 10:12

Magenta Magnolias


We stood in the foyer and looked out through the open door,

There we saw a magnolia tree that had not been there before.

We were amazed at its beauty and with the quickness that it had grown.

 Peeking from underneath the shiny green leaves a beautiful blossom shone.

The color of the flower was a surprise to you and me,

For it wasn't white, or pink, but an amazing bright magenta you see.

Day by day we nurtured the magnolia tree with the blossom colored so bright.

We guarded it from harm, keeping it always in our sight.

You told me that you would soon have to go away for a while.

You asked me to continually guard "our tree" and you smiled.


My heart grew heavy each day as I watered the tree.

I was alone feeling kind of abandoned you see.

I saw other little buds begin to show their face,

Such a portrait they painted of beauty, hope, and grace.

I looked at the first blossom's beauty and touched each soft petal.

I thought of you and my spirit felt a little unsettled.

At that moment I reached and plucked the blossom with my hand.

I took it inside and placed it in a vase of water on a little stand.


I looked at the magenta magnolia bloom,

It had a sweet fragrance that filled the room.

But its' aroma and beauty soon began to fade,

The soft magenta petals frazzled and turned to gray.

As I placed the withered petals inside a book to save,

I remembered the joy the discovery of the rare blossom once gave.

I soon began to worry what you would think when you returned,

Would you think I didn't keep my promise; I became concerned.


 Early the next morning I went out to pour water on the dry ground,

I heard a voice call to me and I looked around.

No one was there to the left or to the right,

Yet I knew there was no need for alarm or fright.

As I turned back to the task before me,

I spied a little blossom coming forth on our tree.

This blossom wasn't magenta as the one we'd found together.

Sadly it was simply a normal, but beautiful whitish-yellow.


As the day grew closer when you were to come home,

I looked forward to not having to care for the tree on my own.

I asked God to give me wisdom of the words I should speak.

I listened for an answer and His face I continued to seek.

Now today as we stand side by side again looking out upon the tree,

We reminisce of how things were and wonder of things that will be.

I ask do you think another magenta blossom will ever grow,

You tell me that is something for only God to know.

I ask you to forgive me and understand that I just missed you so much,

You tell me blossoms of rare beauty are better left untouched.


 God in all His wisdom has a purpose for each blossom in our lives

It is not for us to pluck them off in search of whens, wheres, and whys.

The day will come when friendships nor promises will be broken or unkept

God will show us in a bottle every tear we ever wept.

Yes, someday in Heaven all withered petals will be fresh and new

Magenta magnolias will be kissed gently with lavender drops of dew.