Mary Magdalene found the disciples and told them,

"I have seen the Lord!"

Then she gave them his message.

John 20:18

God, You There?

Even if my eyes could not see the sunlight shining through the windowpane,

Even if my ears could not hear the robins, or the drops of rain,

Even if I could not feel a baby's soft little hand grasping mine,

Even if I could not smell the salty ocean air one more time,

Even if I could never taste another juicy apple just picked from the tree,

I would remember all these things that have helped to make me, me.

Even if I cannot see God standing knocking at my door,

Even if I cannot hear Him calling to me as before,

Even I cannot actually feel His hand in mine,

Even if I cannot smell the scent of His presence all the time,

Even I fail to taste the goodness of the Lord on any given day,

I will remember and know He always hears me when I pray.

For when I cannot see Him He is still near.

When I cannot hear Him He can still hear.

When I cannot feel Him within a million miles,

When I smell only loneliness and sadness for a while,

When I taste only bitterness, God is still as close as He has always been.

For the only thing that can separate me from my God is the darkness of my sin.

God made me and gave me eyes with which to see.

He gave me ears to hear my loved ones call to me.

He gave me hands to touch all things that He has made.

He gave me a nose to smell things that comfort when I am afraid.

He gave me a tongue to taste all the good things that He gives.

And even if I cannot see Him, I know He loves me and I know my God lives.