I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way

which thou shalt go: I will guide 

thee with mine eye. Psalm 32:8


 Yesterday I visited memory lane literally I guess you could say.  I have been riding a bicycle everyday for over a week now.  Every day I ride a little further and get out of breath a little less.  There is a park in East Tupelo that I have found to be the best place to ride.   As I ride the bike I feel free of cares and worries much as I did when I rode when I was young. I find myself breathing in freedom.  Yesterday evening I ventured out of the park and on to the same roads I rode over and over as a child. I pedaled up a hill that seemed a little steeper than I remember. However, the reward of reaching the top and coasting down the other side was just as good as it was forty or so years ago. As a matter of fact, I think it was even better and I know more appreciated.  Coasting down the hill, with the cool breeze in my face I took the time to look at all the beauty surrounding me that I sometimes tend to ignore. I then found myself breathless, not from riding, but from the beauty of God's creation.  Some things had changed on those roads since I was young, but some things were still the same.  For a moment it seemed like only yesterday when I breezed freely down the same hill with a beautiful sunset before me. It almost felt as if the bike was steering itself.  Life really is short here. It is a gift from God and we should each learn to enjoy it.  Even though there are so many steep hills we have to climb in a lifetime, there is so much joy found in coasting down the other side of each of them.  As we coast along God steers and guides us if we allow Him to do so.  We can breathe easy, enjoy the ride and take in all the beauty that we sometimes tend to ignore. Venture out a little further in your life this week and enjoy the gift of life God has given you.  Also venture out a little further in God, allowing Him to guide you to a place where His beauty will leave you completely breathless.