Stepping onto the Bridge
This morning when I first woke I looked at a picture of a bridge hanging on the wall in front of my bed that a friend gave me a few years ago.  The sun is shining through the treetops down on the water around the stone bridge.  I wished I could go step onto the stone bridge and just sit there awhile.  It seems to be such a peaceful place.  I turned and saw sunlight coming in my window. Beside the window is a picture of another bridge that I bought with my very first paycheck when I was fourteen years old. I remembered how often through the years I have wished I could enter the picture and sit on that bridge.   Today for the first time I noticed things I have never seen in the older picture.  I noticed how similar the two pictures are. Both have a fence nearby, trees with pink flowers, and sunlight streaming down on the water around a stone bridge. It is as if the pictures were painted of the same place from different angles. Funny how there are so many things in our lives that we "see" every day, but never really see. May we truly see those things today and also may we see things from a different angle that need to be looked at anew.
Today's Bridges
This morning as I woke I wondered what this day would bring.
Would I get a lot accomplished, or would I not do much of anything?
I knew the day was beginning in a nice kind of way,
'Cause sunbeams came in my window to dance and play.
I thought of dreams that had been in my head while I slept the night away.
I thought of thoughts I had thought and of prayers that I did pray.
I remembered plans I had planned for this brand new day.
What will I see today that I have never seen before?
Will I seize opportunities and boldly step through open doors?
I know this day could be the day I have dreamed and prayed for all along,
'Cause I know when I am at my weakest God is very strong.
I have chosen to put in my heart His love and His new song.
I have chosen to allow Him to lead me no matter what goes wrong.
I have seen the salvation of the Lord and to Him this day belongs.
Today may I see things that I have never seen before.
Today may I keep my eyes fixed on things that are sure.
Through God's love may I see hope where there was once despair.
May I look on others as He does, lovingly and fair.
May I find many with whom God's love I can share.
If I should step into sunshine or rain, let nothing my vision impair.
Today may each bridge I cross be sure and steady in need of no repair.