Bless My Blooms
The azaleas are blooming beautifully everywhere.  I like to pick the blooms and bring them inside to have my little space filled with their beauty for a while.  After a few days, the azaleas wither and are tossed out, but I believe they fulfill their purpose very well while they have the chance, as do the buttercups in late February and the dogwood blooms of late March. I always picked a bouquet of each of these and took them to my mother in the Spring. When the flowers bloom each year I always think of her and wish she were here.  Last week I went by the spot where my mother's house once sat to see if her azalea bush might have come up even though the house was torn down last year. Sadly, no azalea, but in the bush's spot were some beautiful impatiens blooming.  These never came up all the thirty years my mother had lived there. It was as if God were reminding me how much He loves me by placing those blooms where I had picked so many flowers for my mother through the years.   I didn't just pick the blooms, but dug up each little plant by the root and replanted them in my yard.  I think my mom and God smiled. 
God gives us so many wonderful gifts to bring us joy.  He comforts us in such a loving way when we feel sad and lonely. 
He uses everything, even flowers to bring glory to His Name.  God longs to use each of us for that very purpose. God is in us, wanting to bloom and show His glory.  We must lovingly care for each bloom He gives us to share with others while we have the opportunity.  One day these earthly bodies will wither away, but if we fulfill our purpose, others will remember the beauty we brought to their world through Christ long after we are gone.  May God bless each bloom He allows to blossom in us.    
The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand forever.  Isaiah 40:8