Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,

and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105

Alone Time
An episode of the Cosby Show was on the other day while I was cleaning the house.  From time to time I glanced at the TV to see what kind of mischief Rudy and Vanessa had found to get into.  It seems their mom had taken all she could take and needed a break from her five children who were out of school for Christmas break.  Clare happily moved into a private office in the basement of her home that Cliff had built for her. While he tested Christmas lights, Cliff spoke to Theo of the importance of adults having time to themselves.  Theo understood and asked his dad for his own private study/game room because he could never finish a complete thought without Rudy interrupting.  After all, he was almost an adult.  Vanessa covered in flour, came from the kitchen and interrupted insisting on going to ask her mother where the cookie cutters were. Cliff told her no,  that she should look for them. Vanessa whined, "But why should I Iook it would be so much easier just to ask mom."
Vanessa  goes back and looks and  finds the cookie cutters in the drawer with a sweet note from her mom telling her she left them there for her to find.  She smiles and cuts star-shaped cookies. The episode ends with Cliff sending the children outside to look at the Christmas lights from across the street. He tells them to back up a little farther, locks the door, and runs to Clare's private basement office.
    What is there to be learned from watching sitcoms from twenty years ago?  Well, first of all, they were a little more family-friendly in those days, not so much as those from forty years ago, but still a little more conservative than those of today.   I don't think Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver would have locked Wally and Beaver out of the house, but on the sitcoms of today, kids would not only be locked out but sent to rehab while their parents went on a cruise somewhere.
In today's busy world it is important to find not only some time to ourselves but more importantly to find time alone with God.  He is a good Father who longs for us to spend time with Him.
Aren't you glad He doesn't have a private office in the basement where He can lock Himself away when He gets tired of us?  Aren't you glad He doesn't lock us out because He gets tired of dealing with all our whining and complaining and asking for things?
Today if you get a moment to yourself to complete a thought, think of God.  Think of His goodness, love, mercy, and grace.  If you would like to know where something is hidden, take the time to look in God's Word yourself instead of asking someone else. When you find it, thank God for it.  He left it there on purpose just for you.  Smile.