Active Pursuit
Reminiscing is something that comes naturally around this time of year. We remember the way things were last Christmas and think how much things have changed in only a year. As we look at the decorated tree with the wrapped gifts beneath we think of Christmases even longer ago. First Christmases for our babies come to mind as we think of all the joy of giving rocking horses and baby dolls through the years. Even farther back we remember our own childhood Christmases and remember the joy of receiving rocking horses and baby dolls. Neither one of the toys is very realistic. Baby dolls never grow up and rocking horses take you absolutely nowhere. Sadly there comes a time in the real world we must grow up and move on.
Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the way things were and wish they were still the same. They aren't. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the way things are and hope they stay the same. They won't. Our past got us to our present which will take us to our future. Life is all about constant change. To live happily we have to learn to not only accept change but even to actively pursue it at times.
Everyone has memories of Christmas past as Christmas present is experienced, but remember the future (a whole new year) is almost here.
Allow yourself to grow and pursue change. Enjoy the ride.